Comfortable Women's Plus Size Clothing with A Touch of Class!

Bearboxers womenswear, a new luxury loungewear and women's plus size clothing outfit from Manchester has been digging deep in the last few weeks to find all the new new trends on comfort clothing suitable for these unprecedented times. We have never had a spring or summer similar to what we are bound to experience this year. Women's plus size clothing, we have been doing what you want to do too!

Women's plus size clothing including personalised womenswear is an area that has been ignored in recent years. Meet our fashion expert Kate has this to say. 'Hi my name is Kate Mcbride, and I'm a women's fashion expert and a licensed fitness instructor and at an elite level club in Charlotte, NC with over 10 years of experience including membership to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (SIS-A) where my style guides are featured along side many other top swimwear designers such Michael Kaye, Stella McCartney & Eileen Fisher. If your interested in learning how we can improve our classes for girls who want to get fit this summer then please give us a call.' Our in-house plus wear consult Jack Turnbull writes "Women were less likely to be offered clothing than men, and women tended not for more affordable products or services that could affect their own appearance" (Milton et al 2006).

In a study of 29.8 million US citizens conducted between 2008-2011, the authors reported that when comparing BMI levels at age 17 years old with those who are 26–30 years olds, they found statistically significant differences on physical attractiveness among 18 year – 30+ males ages 12‐14 yrs., but no changes within this category based upon race/ethnicity; while 15 year – 20y + females did slightly differ from each other. So the top tip here is this: 'Be comfortable in your curves and what you wear and #swag it your way'.

Explore women's plus size fashion in Manchester United Kingdom and add freshness to your collection today.

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